Campus Avenue

Here is an all-in-one campus management app. Students, professors and management all come together on the same portal. Students and teachers share campus information such as campus updates, write posts, and help the community grow. Participants can write posts, chat among each other, attend events, join inter college competitions in their local area, create groups and share campus information rapidly. The management moderates each communication and also has super user access. That’s called making life easy on campus!

Users can create posts within defined categories and choose to share who view their posts. Users can also share multimedia, documents and everything in between.


Its super easy to create an event on campus. Just fill up a form with the event details and post for the entire community to know about it. Its that simple.

Creating announcements is about alerting everyone or a specific group of people about something or someone. Users can share a photo of the subject and off it goes. Announcements are created in 2 clicks!