Your personal tailor on an app. A perfect blend of practical design and aesthetics. Talilorman is one of my best works.

Emirates Development Bank

Dubai governments largest asset financing arm – EDB. This app combines information accessibility and a minimalistic design statement. Check it out on play store and app stores today. 


As powerful as linkedin and as versatile as a job portal,  Hirestaar’s clean and simple UI makes it easier for job seekers and employers to connect in a professional setting. 


An Uber of trucks. This Dubai based project makes it easy to ship consignments all over the world. Check it out.


Winner’s is a comprehensive learning portal with in built goals. Bringing students and teachers together, it aids students to take a deeper dive in their lessons. Clean, super easy UI that makes learning fun.


A new travel companion, this app is a no brainer for travelers. Book tickets, write blogs, connect with other travelers in a city.. And the list goes on!

Deals App

An ecommerce app, for the Saudi market. A deals-only app where buyers and sellers connect. A simple and intuitive UI for everyone to use. Customers choose products and check out in 3 steps. 

Ronan Airlines

An end to end flight booking system. Passengers book tickets, enter details, choose seats all in an easy to use web interface.Check it out !

Campus Avenue

An educational instituition management system. Connects students, faculty and management together in an seamlessly integrated app.